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There are a lot of questions that have been posted a lot, but if you haven't found what you need to know, there is no harm in asking again.
Contact printing is the most basic print making method, but, at the same time there are a lot of dimensions. For example, are you looking for making proofs, or making prints that are intended to stand on their own? Even though both are done by contact printing, the equipment approaches are different.
So, what is it you'd like to know?
Everything. I have a contact printer for making contacts with dental film but I don't really know how to use it or if it can be used with Tri-X or T-Max which is what i have on hand. I did have a thread on it here http://www.apug.org/forums/forum55/1...ct-prints.html I also have papers to print to, but which ones will work and which ones not so good? This is what i have:
1. Oriental Seagull G4 16x20
2. Oriental Seagull G2 16x20
3. Kodak Polycontrast III RC 8x10, 16x20
4. Kodak Polycontrast Rapid II RC 8x10 ("For Contact Sheets" written on this box, not sure why)
5. Kodak Polycontrast Rapid II RC 8x10, 11x14
6. Ilford Multigrade IV FB Fiber 8x10
7. Kodak P-Max Art RC 8x10, 11x14 full box 50 sheets
8. Agfa Broveria Speed 8x10
9. Kodak Polyfiber 11x14
10. Kodak Ektalure 8x10
11. Agfa multicontrast Premium MPC 310 RC 8x10
12. Kodak PolyPrint RC 8x10 unopened 25 sheets
I got the papers from a Pro-tographer that was done with his darkroom. I'm aware that some of these papers the size will not lend themselves well to contact printing but it's what i have on hand.

How long do i expose the negative to the paper for? It appears the contact printer i have has a UV bulb in it. Is that correct for making contact prints with Tri-X and any of the papers I have? I've never printed any of my negatives before and although i have enough equipment to setup my darkroom, it'll still be awhile before I can have it up and running. If i can get this contact printer up and running Io can make some prints. I also have quite a few vintage negatives i would like to print as well.

Sorry about jumping in on another persons thread but i felt these questions may be beneficial to the OP as well.