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I have been doing E-6 for almost 25 years with nothing more sophisticated than a sink full of water ...
I find that the extremely tight temp requirements are more "C.Y.A." frorm the manufacturer. I have had temperature deteriorate 5 degrees F between the start of the process and the last bath with no detectable difference on the slides.
I have had the same experience with C41 processing, as well. A couple of times I have failed to reset the JOBO Processor to 38 degrees C after printing at 35 degrees C ( - 5.0 degrees F below where it should be) - and I couldn't see any great difference either .. certainly no more than "lot-to-lot" normal variations.

I seriously think that the CYA label is appropriate - The manufacturers have a safety net; in case something DOES go wrong - they can always blame "temperature instability" and shift the responsiblity to the consumer.