I would like to sell some rolls of 120 film. I bought them second hand a few years ago and they have been deep frozen. Since most of them are uncommon, it seems better to sell them than to throw them away. I am not so interested in using them myself. They are all expired, and I don't know if they are fine or have detoriated.

They will go to the highest bidder if more than one is interested. Please make an offer, preferably for all of them. I plan to charge for shipping as well of course, from Sweden.

3 Portra 100T tungsten, 120, expired in 2001
4 Ektachrome 160T tungsten, 120, expired in 2002
2 Velvia, 120, expired in 2004
1 Velvia 50, 120, expired in 2009

Here's a photo:


happy new year!