I am very happy, although for different reasons. I just this second got back from film shopping in Milan, Italy. I use one of the three/four professional wholesale-type stores here. When I asked for Delta 3200 120, I got a, "Have none and probably never will again." from the sales guy. Naturally I asked why and got, "They're going backrupt. They've sold the inkjet paper, they're stopping wet B&W papers altogether."

In one fell swoop, this guy, supposedly the peak in terms of access to photography suppliers for northern Italy, managed to piece together three pieces of outdated or plain wrong information! I'm surprised he didn't add some hearsay about Agfa in there too. So when I offered that Ilford had gone, and come back from bankruptcy for one, it was Kodak and not Ilford that was stopping B&W papers for two, and the inkjet sale was part of the restructuring plan last autumn for three... he had no idea what going on anymore.

Ilford Photo had better get some guys dealing with the misinformation out here!

Our parting comments were when I asked if they had any new Velvia 100 to try he replied, "Sure, we've had that for over a year now." I just left.