The only one on your list that's larger than a GIII QL17 is the Canon 7. The Konica S3 fits in nicely with the rest. The Olympus XA is much the smallest. Olympus RC is also worth considering.

The XA is the odd one out - in addition to being much smaller/lighter, it feels and handles very differently from the others. Some like it, some find it fiddly and hard to handle. It's also more dependent on electronics and as such is more vulnerable to a failure that can't be repaired.

My favorite of the lot is the Hi-Matic 7SII. But I use it manually. What I don't like about the '70s-to-early-'80s-vintage compact rangefinders with mechanically-governed shutters is that their exposure automation is shutter-priority, which as I'm sure you know means the aperture gets set automatically. That's not OK by me, since the aperture determines what's going to be in focus and thus what the picture is going to look like. The XA is the only one on your list which has aperture-priority AE, with an electronic shutter.