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Try Rollei Retro 80S E.I 25 and develop in Rollei RLS - it's just like Agfa APX 25
I've used Retro 80S in RLS and some other developers, as well the old Agfa APX 25 and the new Rollei RPX 25.
All different films with a different look.
Especially Retro 80S is very different compared to APX 25 and RPX 25.
Retro 80S has
- a superpanchromatic sensitization with extended red sensivity; APX 25 and RPX 25 are normal panchromatic films
- Retro 80S can be used as an IR film with 715 nm filter with excellent results (not possible with RPX 25 and APX 25)
- Retro 80S has a very strong, steep S-shape characteristic curve, whereas APX 25 and RPX 25 have both a more normal, linear characteristic curve.

Horses for courses, different films for different purposes.