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So Neopan 400 is back? :-)
Fact is it has been indeed back. Neopan 400 was discontinued in many countries, not available anymore for quite a significant time.
I could not buy it in my country.
It has been re-introduced at Photokina 2012 (biggest photo fair in the world). I've been there in Cologne at this fair and visited the Fuji booth. There the re-introduction was officially announced. I talked there to the Fuji people.
After that I could buy the film again in my country.
So the reports from those people who have been at the Photokina fair have been absolutely correct.
Don't shoot the messengers

That Fuji has cancelled their former decision again....well, it is sad. But complain at Fuji.

But, back to topic.
I've shot several rolls of the new RPX 25 in the last two weeks. And compared this film to Efke 25, Rollei Pan 25 and Ilford PanF+.
- all four films are different
- each of this film has its own, unique characteristics and characterictic curve
- differences in grain and sharpness are also significant (Efke 25 and older Rollei Pan 25 worst, PanF+ and RPX 25 better, with slight advantage for RPX 25)
- RPX 25 has a clear base, probably PET material (I tried to tear it, but it wasn't possible)
- the finishing and packaging of the film is the Harman Technology / Ilford finishing (so obviously Ilford is making this stuff in cooperation with Maco).

Therefore I can confirm what all the others here in this thread who have shot this new RPX 25 have written:
It is a new film and has nothing to do with products we have seen so far.