I have made four colour separations on silver film , recently , adjustment can be easily manipulated, but this is for cont tone negatives to print over a main exposure. I have never made four colour silver bromides but would be easy, I have no desire to use these further into the carbro process but as stated would be interested in experimenting with a serious worker who is interested in carbro.

I am about to make four colour negs to make plates for intaglio printing, four colour using my image setter. Lambda.

In both cases the contrast modifications of the negatives is quite easy, relatively speaking, as one needs to print out and see where changes are to be made.Then going back into the curve and adjusting.

This is an area not easily spoken about here on APUG but an area I am very interested in and have been experimenting for the last three years , going down quite a few wormholes..

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Contrast masks were often used for high-end colour carbon and carbro. The masks were "tuned" to correct for colour poisoning ofthe specific pigments employed. The contrast, not just density is the critical part. There is a complete description in one of Luis Nadeau's book.

If you are going the digital route, although software can create 4-colour separations, they are usually geared to screened offset-printing, which doesn't always translate well to carbon/carbo processes unless you are using the same pigments, and can achieve the correct contrast.

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