I don't think that you can obtain it as thin film. I'm using 1,5mm thick plates right now, which are the thinnest the company I got them from (already cut to the right size) could provide. They fit in a regular sheet film holder nicely if you stick them in with a bit of tape. That's ideal for my testing. If I can make them work, I'd prefer them to normal glass for several reasons. Next step is hardening the emulsion and maybe NAOH treatment before coating if hardening doesn't prove to be sufficient (but my feeling is that it might not be necessary).

The monkey sits on my workbench in the darkroom and is a good test object. However today I printed the images of my first outdoor test which give a better idea how the stuff behaves. These are not try yet, I'll scan them tomorrow. I'm not happy with the Rollei emulsion. Even on an overcast day, contrast is extremely high. I shot them around Iso 0,25/0,5, developed the plates in Rodinal 1:100 for a few minutes only and printed with grade 0 to 1,5. That produces an usable image but nothing special. But it is OK for the first tests.


PS: I think I've learned most of the information on your website by heart. This will prove to be a huge help when I start to produce my own emulsion. Same applies to all the information PE provided here. Thanks to both of you.