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We're on day 2 of a 5-day heatwave of 40-43C (104-110F) temperatures. That'd be a 9-day stretch of 38C+ (100F+); yay for South Australia.
I wish I'd taken this screenshot yesterday to show all 5 days. Says it all. (Personally, I'd prefer a few days of freezing, you can always put more clothes on, not much left to take off in this weather...)


The 'cool change Friday' that would have taken us down to 30 is now apparently not happening until Saturday. Sigh. Aircon in the office, aircon at home (thankfully the Solar Panels are happily paying for that), but my car aircon is busted, that's half an hour of unbearable hot wind in my face twice a day that I could do without...

(actually, the worst thing about this heatwave is that I already had 44 in Perth on Saturday, so I get a day extra than the rest of the city)