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What paper and process would be the best to order for MF Velvia 50 chromes drum scanned for digital prints using today's technology giving rich blacks and excellent colors?

One answer, among many (e.g. many different papers) Kodak Endura Professional metallo version will trump the blacks and colours bits (for images containing water this media is truly outstanding, giving Ilfochrome a thumping), but other media also works a treat too for exhibition and display, depending on your (or clients') tastes.
Ilford has a range of excellent coated and fibre papers (I use both Kodak and Ilford); ask your lab to print samples for you from an image you have, giving them the transparency and specifying any work that is required (a pro lab will assess Velvia transparencies because so many photographers just do not know how to expose this film properly). Proof prints are generally essential, progressive or one-step. Enrichment of colour, this way as much as in the darkroom, is very subjective: leave it or beef it: you choose in the processing (I would advise however not to beef Velvia trannies especially if they have been polarised).

UK readers may be able to jog my memory about a place in Essex (?) that offers Ilfochrome printing... Boyd Photography (?). At some stage he had a swag of Australian and New Zealand clients.