Hi all, I know that this has probably been done to death, but it's a "help me find a lens" thread.

In short, I got some Kodalith 20x24 for ridiculously cheap, if I cut it up into 4x5s it costs about 3c a sheet.
But that's not what I want to do, having something so huge. I'm considering cutting it in half to 12x20", but no further (if i'm going to cut it to 10x12" I may as well just shoot 8x10 and be done with it).

Anyway, to start with, I'm going to be doing some pinholes, cardboard cameras and such, i'm already converting a suitcase and may do a wheelie-bin camera too.

But if I can swing it, I would really like to make my own camera with a real lens. Problem is, there's very little 'condensed' data on image-circles this big, like the data here in a nice usable table format, I've had to go digging around multitudes of places looking for datasheets to make my own table. So I've probably missed a few possibilites and avenues to investigate.

Anyway, so what I've found so far (in terms of what to look for on fleabay), with image circles above 600mm at infinity are:
Apo-Ronars (above 760mm)
Apo-Nikkors (above 360mm)
Plus a few of the largest Xenars, Componons, and Clarons should just cover 600mm. I'm also searching for old lenses like Dagors (and a 24" Heliar should cover but is probably pricey), that were made back when film this size was more popular, but I'm not expecting to get any cheaply. Given the slowness of the film, and the fact that I'm shooting landscapes stopped down, I'll just use a lenscap shutter, so process lenses are definitely possible.

The First question is: what other makes/models/brands could/should I be searching for? I've got ages to wait for a bargain, I'm just going to create a fleabay saved search and wait for something.
Historically significant rarities are out, just too expensive. I've seen the occasional 800mm Apo-Ronar go for $4-600, I'd like to keep my budget maximum there, $1000 is just out ("but honey, I need to spend $1000 on a lens to use the film that I bought for $40!" - not gonna happen).
I've seen Reinhold's meniscus lenses, they're definitely a possibility once I've convinced myself I'm not getting any better for the price.

(The Second question is: what can I get to cover the 47"-wide roll of agfa-ortho I got at the same time?
The Third question is: am I insane? That's an easy one to answer).