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Next 2 days have been upgraded to 45C and 46C (113, 115F). And there's currently a thunderstorm.
Wow, what a weather. 44.4C recorded at the city at 2pm.
I got home from work and thought "wow, there were some cool looking clouds today". Took me half an hour to load up some holders, swap some lensboards, and get back in the car.
Took Anzac Highway to glenelg, about halfway down it starts spitting, then raining, then monsooning all within 30 seconds. Recorded a 72km/h gust at the airport at 6pm, must have been bang on when I was driving. Rain enough that the wipers were on full, headlights on, and still going 50 because I couldn't see far enough ahead. (but only 1.6mm recorded).
Got to the beach, had to wait about half an hour for the rain to stop, set the camera up and waited. 20 mins later, back to the car cos it was raining again. Finally got some decent shots of the clouds over the sea, about to dev them now.
Had 2x HP5, 2x APX100, and 2x Harman Direct Positive Paper, with a 65mm and 90mm Super Angulon, with and without Orange filter. More just to try out the HDPP than anything, I'm about to dev now and see how well they go...