A process lens will do the job just fine. My 610mm & 890mm Apo Nikkor lenses work incredibly well at infinity with the 890mm covering the 24"x32" plates I shoot easily. Mine cost $350 so just keep your eyes open. These dialyte lenses work ideally at f22. My 1200mm Apo Tessar will cover a lot more but cost $700 because more people are working in ULF now.

I've spoken to Reinhold quite a few times and encouraged him to make the 790mm f5.4 for my wet plate work, but of course (being a meniscus lens) they are soft wide open and sharpen up very well when stopped down.

You may find a nice Apo Artar for the right money but as soon as you want it mounted in a shutter watch the price soar. Heck, who needs a shutter anyway?!