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I'll report back on print results as soon as I have them, depending on when I next get some darkroom time. Hopefully that'll be this week, finished making a lamp holder box of sorts yesterday.

On my enlarger (Beseler 23CII) moving the bulb too far up or down will cause light falloff, unevenness and formation of dark rings at the edges. There's some leeway here but I wouldn't want it too far from spec.

This particular LED bulb appears to turn on and off about as quickly as an incandescent does. I've heard of some of them having noticeable on/off times, possibly because of circuitry designed to smooth out the AC voltage supply. Perhaps the cheaper bulb skimps on that as a cost-cutting measure, which works in my favor here. Also, it claims to be OK for use in enclosed fixtures, which can't hurt.
Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Im very interested to see if the contrast is affected on VC paper. In your previous post you said you had to exclude many LED bulbs because of light unevenness. Im curious on how exactly you selected the one you are testing. Is it possible to visually identify hotspots in the light source, when projected to the baseboard?