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What advantages would I get using Moersch over mixing my own? Mixing my own definitely seems attractive as it's more economical. Also is the bleach in Moersch a standard Potassium Ferricyanide bleach?

Like I mentioned in my original post my main goal is to have very slightly sepia toned highlights with nice selenium blacks.

Thanks to everyone.
The Moersch MT-3 toner is convenient, of course, with listed ratios for different colors. All of the testing has been done for you, and is listed clearly in the literature.
Of course it's more expensive. You pay for the convenience.

The bleach is standard pot ferri. I use the bleach very dilute, and bleach for a very brief period of time, and then use the 'yellow' mix to get those golden highlights. Just this treatment alone is quite beautiful and adds real depth to a photograph. Then I usually follow up with Harman selenium toner, and sometimes I start from the beginning again with the bleach and bleach again, and repeat until I have what I want.

You can do all of that with a toner you mix yourself, and the results will be just as good. But as Brian says, you will have to mix it yourself, which assumes you have an accurate scale, and the rest of the equipment (and knowledge) to do that safely.