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Just off the phone with Silverprint, Martin is no longer there, and they've not had any Dunco easels for a "very long time". Sigh. No contact info.
Sorry about that. Yes I have just checked with another U.K. site I belong to and it seems that Martin Reed has handed over ownership to someone called Clive Matlock but as of last April/May Martin was still employed in a consultancy capacity. It may be that Silverprint is selling off its stock of Dunco easels and hasn't renewed contact with Dunco for many weeks/months, I suppose.

It may be that the new owner, Mr Matlock has decided to drop the Dunco line although this seems strange so soon after taking the business over. Certainly Martin Reed was a big fan of Dunco.

It might be worth asking to speak to Mr Matlock, explaining the situation and asking if he will contact Martin Reed on your behalf.

Given the long association between Martin Reed and Dunco then if anyone can help you to make contact with Dunco it would be Martin

I suppose we may have the face the possibility that Dunco has simply gone out of business, in which case you may be stuck but if this were to be the case I'd have expected someone to have heard about this. At the very least Martin may know the full story of what has happened at Dunco.

Equally I'd have thought it important for Silverprint to know what has happened. If someone buys one of Silverprint's remaining stock of Dunco easels and it breaks within the normal guarantee period then what does Silverprint do to help the customer???