Wow! appreciate all the thoughts and am sorry for the demise of Ilfochrome.
My partner and I had a small specialty lab that specialized in photo-composites for many color labs and camera ready art for color separators back in the 1980's . Our film supplier represented Ilford and decided we would be a good candidate for a Beta site to try their new process utilizing a new version of the Ilfochrome line. It seems they wanted to compete with companies in the color copier business(back when most of that work was done by professional copy companies not in-house equipment).The product was on a super white base and more contrasty than the regular photo product also had a high gloss.They installed a processor that would run the new product and also by moving a lever process litho film in our lab. Needless to say most folks thought the photo print paper was very contrasty but this stuff was much more so. Using an Omega condenser enlarger with a registering negative carrier and three stage litho film masks. We could separate the highlights,mid-tones and shadow areas,allowing color and density control not achieved by normal printing techniques.
A local popular commercial photographer allow us to print 16"X20"s of some of his 120 sized transparencies and though he didn't hold out much hope for our results(as they were fairly dramatic and contrasty), was blown away with the prints and claimed"they looked more like transparencies than color prints". As local interest was building for us Ilford abandoned the project,stopped making the product and reclaimed their processor. All the same now after some years in retirement I'd still like to make some more of those prints"Gone but not forgotten" LOL!