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Sounds great! Looking forward to it. Im very interested to see if the contrast is affected on VC paper. In your previous post you said you had to exclude many LED bulbs because of light unevenness. Im curious on how exactly you selected the one you are testing. Is it possible to visually identify hotspots in the light source, when projected to the baseboard?
I wrote up the process of finding a bulb and initial tests, with some photos, at http://www.paulglover.net/20140108-o...possibilities/

TL;DR version: I ruled out any of the bulbs which look like mood lighting for a spaceship or otherwise had designs which weren't going to present an unbroken area of light on the end, where it's needed. Some of these things are pretty wacky looking! Then looked online for photos of the bulbs lit up. Read reviews to see what else might be a problem. That narrowed it down to the Utilitech.

At this point I walked into my local Lowes and by good luck they had a dimmer demonstration set up using one. To my eye it looked like there were no obvious problems with the way it lit, so I grabbed one.

Right now it's all visual assessment. I think it looks OK compared to the PH140 but I don't 100% trust it without some sort of testing on paper.