Continuing with this p-aminophenol/ascorbate formula,I noted that p-aminophenol/hydroquinone was used as early as 1902, see esp p197, Rodinal-Hydrokinone:
Later p-aminophenol/hydroquinone was used as a tropical developer,see formulas for Kodak D-13.
With more sulfite it was found in Ilford ID-44 ,I believe superseded by Perceptol.
Thus p-aminophenol was generally replaced by metol which is more active.
One would expect metol/ascorbate to be a more active developer than p-aminophenol/ascorbate tested here.

My LS-1c has now developed 7 films and 600ml of the original 1000ml remains in the bottle.Oxidation has occurred as the pH has fallen from the initial 10.4 to pH=9.9 after 94 days.
It still works, see attached pics.
It appears the oxidation product of ascorbate is quite a strong acid to cause this pH drop.The solution has a distinct orange tinge.I will continue to monitor the pH.