What!? 29 years for Ilfochrome?? Bullshit. Come off the glue.
Ilfochrome prints (which are not RC papers!) have a mean storage life of several hundred (e.g. 300-plus) years. It does not fade easily (in fact it is very difficult to accelerate fading), as ChromaColour here in Australia (now gone) carried out extensive durability and fade-resistance tests for a group of galleries in the early 1990s that collaborated on a project to determine the mean art-worth value of these prints produced by the likes of Ken Duncan, Peter Lik and others. When Ilfochrome Classic prints are framed the life is dramatically extended. I have heard 500+ years like that. Now of course we're not going to be around to have that proven, but hey, there's no harm in leaving a lasting image. All 440 of my Ilfochrome Classic prints were museum grade conservation framed.

RA-4 is estimated to last around 30 years. I have around 120 RA-4 test and proof prints in storage. They would now be around 22 years old. They look fine (stored in a no-fuss A3 envelope) but nowhere near as eye-popping as Ilfochrome prints of the same scenes that later followed.