I'm travelling a bit in a few months and will likely find myself in dangerous situations. I have a Leica M6 with a 28mm Elmarit lens and really don't feel like taking it in situations I know I have a good chance of running into issues. So, I'm looking for a couple 28mm setups. I have an old Nikkormat and Nikkor 28mm f3.5 setup (I got it for $75 on APUG) that I love and that will be one that I take. I also have a point and shoot Nikon 28mm camera ($40 on APUG) that is also amazing. If I could score one more of each or something similar, I would be gold for this trip. I'm not really looking to spend more than $100, but obviously the cost is relative the value. So, let me know what you have! It has to be in perfect working order, but the more beat up and ugly the better. I only ask in terms of a lens that it's in at least decent shape and can tolerate some marks on the glass and fungus/haze, but don't offer something that will seriously hinder image quality.

Thanks in advance!