In more than 40 years of hearing all this Canon-Nikon altercation, the truth is that the Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL was actually the most useful and user friendly. Today, I use my Nikkormat FTn/FT2 because it's the closest match to the DTL. The DTL's now have a common problem that the spot-meter cells are not holding linearity with the averaging cells. Many spot cells have lost sensitivity hopelessly. On the oither hand, the Nikkormats have held up admirably over the years, so I use that. In all the Nikkormats I've worked on, only 1 turned up with a dead cell. Further, the Nikkormats have a 94% viewfinder-to-gate coverage, and the DTL's have 85%. Both on-center. As an aside, Pentax SP series was off-center, LR and TB. So it's actually a question of Nikkormat vs Mamiya DTL. Nikon F2 is the finest fit-and-finish 35 in history, but is disqualified by reason of the need for light above the user's head to see the meter. If there's no light above your head, you don't have any meter; you can't see the blasted needle.