Another update. I was actually very close to buy the latest FX model (fron ca 2011) for shy under 50% price of a new one. I just could not bring myself to do it - and then a very nice 2.8E (E1, Planar) freshly CLAd popped locally even with the right accessories and I took the plunge. The camera was delivered today. I t is gorgeous.

So for now it seems that I will not be getting the FX anytime soon (the itch is there, but got much weaker). I may rather keep the cash (I sold my complete 4x5" setup - no chance to use it now since we got our first child just few weeks ago) and possibly get a Horseman or Linhof 6x12 with 2 lenses later. But that would be a topic for another thread.

Right now I have to figure out whether I will keep my Mamiya 6 and Xpan (feels like too much for one person).