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All the Canon lenses are fantastic, but I'd say you have the best one. Speedy, sharp, contrasty, the 1.4 is a killer lens, but each you listed is radically different. The 1.8 is extremely sharp. The person above must have a messed with one. The 1.8 is as good as any Leica lens, for sharpness and contrast. The 1.5 is a Sonnar, I've tested it a lot compared to Nikkors and Jupiters. It's a very, very good lens. It's look is classic sonnar, very different from the 1.8 and 1.4. The speed lens, F1.2, can flare quite a bit, and is pretty soft.

Here is a test I did of the 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 a while ago:

Thanks for sharing. What film was that? They look so soft. Could it caused by using a digital camera with a smaller sensor? Just in jest.

But seriously . . . By my calculations the best I can observe on my monitor is ~90 dpi or ~3.5 lpmm. Viewing web images for sharpness at that resolution is not very useful.

Can someone provide actual "test data", such as lpmm resolution data (center and edge) for the Canon lenses in question? That would be helpful.