Well, I got a solo show.

It isn't much. Just a show in a university gallery, but I had to compete for it and it is a start.

Due to some nasty time constraints, I am under the gun for this one. Since I am leaving the country in two weeks, I need to get my stuff together now, as the show is two weeks after I get back.

My big problem is matting and framing. I have no matting experience (the UofA has ONE matte cutter and it is so bend I call it Quasimoto due to the mighty hump in the middle of the bar the blade runs along...It is useless,) and no real framing experience.

But it can't be that hard to frame can it?

So here is the deal...

I will have 10 16x20s to frame. I figure I will buy premade mattes. Don't have much of a choice. I will then mount them in 22x28 frames.

Now, how to do this quickly and in an idiot proof way?

WHo is the best to get good, cheap mattes and frames from?

And does anyone in the AZ area want to help show me how to do this right?