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After driving of an hour I discovered I had left my Sekonic 505 light meter in another bag. The weather report indicated I had about three hours of sunshine ahead. It was the first day above freezing temperatures in about a month. I decided to download a light meter app and try it rather than give up for the day and hope for similar weather soon. Cleveland, Ohio lakeside is not known for sunny winters. Gray is the predominant shade.

I decided to try Pocket Light Meter by Nuwaste studios for IOS or Apple 5 cell phone. At $9 a sheet for 7x17 film I was taking a chance, but the exposures seemed right based on previous experience with similar light in the same area.

When I got home I took out the Sekonic, a gray card and the cell phone. The readings were exactly the same. Developing the first two of six negatives looked quite good.

One person’s experience.

John Powers
John you realize that the last post before you on this thread was 8 years ago right.