If you look closely, you can see that Ole has a 35mm back on that camera

I'm a completely unashamed 35mm user. Fully manual SLRs are my weapon of choice. All I have to do to re-affirm my committment is to look at my walls and count the pictures that would have never been taken with a bulkier, slower, less versatile camera. I like to keep a tripod optional, I like to carry a camera wherever I go instead of shooting out of the trunk or planning photo excursions. I regularly use a 4x5 view camera, usually with a rollfilm back, for still life because I need the movements but never thought that my personal style was adapted to the big cameras.

Of course, I am also glad that so many of our Large Format Cousins are out there actively plying their preferred branch of photography. Their results are breathtaking and their efforts are a gift to those who truly enjoy viewing them. Thank goodness analog photography is such a big tent. Something for everyone.

I think that I'll go back to my old sig