Weird, I know. I made up a gallon of Kodak Hypo clearing agent and stored it in empty Heinz White Vinegar bottles, adding my own label that it contained HCA and required dilution. So I go buy some red grapes; our standard practice is to rinse fruit in tap water to get rid of dirt etc, then place in vinegar diluted 1:3 with water for about a minute, then rinse off the vinegar with distilled water. (Maybe I should not I do all this because I'm in Pakistan and these are grapes right off the vine.)

You can guess what happened: my wife thought my HCA was vinegar, and used went through the process using HCA instead of vinegar.

Looking at the HCA MSDS, it's clear that you shouldn't drink HCA, but neither does it seem to be really bad stuff (sodium sulfite and sodium bisulfite).

Obviously I can toss the grapes and start all over again, but I'm curious about the fundamental question if grapes rinsed in diluted HCA would be harmful to one's health. Any thoughts?