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The problem with 35mm is it's too heavy. The 450mm lens I'm dreaming about is 290grams. I'd be afraid to even think how heavy a 35mm 450mm lens would be. 300grams? More? I'd tip over with one of those monsters on the front of the camera. Then they go and put the film in metal cans. What's up with that? Isn't the whole setup heavy enough already??? Maybe it's to balance out the weight of the lens. Is that how you keep from tipping over? I'll stick with LF until they can get the weight issue under control.
Well Nick,

I just purchased a 800mm f/5.6, what a freaking Monster, takes great shots, but can be a pain to play with..of course it is the 35mm format for wildlife shooting, for some reason, as I get older, I like the distance between me and the Grizz it offers! LOL