For anyone who hasn't dealt with Michael A. Smith let me tell you that he is one of those very helpful people that you don't find these days. I'm a university student and with the deregulation of tuition costs here in Texas I will be paying $500-600 more for the fall semester than I paid for last spring (same number of semester hours, too). I had asked him if he would hold one his books for two weeks at this lower price until I received my paycheck and he agreed. Before this two weeks was up and I was paid I got my tuition bill and had to email him and let him know that I wouldn't be able to afford the book even though I was very interested. He emailed back and Michael's going to let me pay the book off over the next month while I wait for my financial aid to come in (at my university if you register early for your classes you have to pay about 2-3 weeks before your financial aid comes). So I will let you know what I think of the book when it comes, but I'm already very impressed with Michael as a person.