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Hmmm i've never had any drag issues with stand 1:100 in Rodinal.

I agitate for a full minute in the beginning, then a single gentle inversion after 5 minutes, and then every 20 minutes thereafter again a gentle single inversion.

The only time I have or had any sprocket issues, I discovered it was the camera exposing the sprocket and getting light piping but not the actual developing itself.

Hope that helps.
Just following this up as I was gathering some films together that benefit from Rodinal stand. Fuji Minicopy HR 2 and some Tasma Type 17. The results are in, well actually the results are hanging in the shower drying, look good. Thanks for the details, no visible drag excellent edges and the expected contrast, lots of it!!

On topic, shooting ORWO N74 as it is still pretty grim weather but have 150ft of technical Pan expired 6/86 to load on a batch of Nikon cassettes I have acquired, 13 up to now, so need a few more yet.