When I think of Denmark , modernism and its architecture, art , commercial products came to my mind , most especially sculptures , public sculptures , sculpture gardens , textiles , glass objects , furnitures etc.

If I were you , I would document an entire sculpture garden with stereo and 360 degree pictures to be able to create a 3d computer files of each. And than sell as jewellery at shapeways 3d printing gallery to be printed from desired material.

Or make a website of these 3d models and sell them to the public.

Or make a 3d viewable , rotatable gallery for share with art lovers.

Another thing is to get lecture notes of design academies. That cost you 100000 dollars if you want to study there.

If you do these above , you get a good education for yourself and others.

Otherwise , if you want to be an ordinary visitor and tourist , I would keep my money and invest in design books. Other thing is the collection of entire surrealist movement which later inspired the modernism at scandinavia. I would invest a danish course , learn the language and later invest in obtaining the book copies and able to read them.
Danish companies index - published with their trade unions - is extremelly interesting to see the graphic art.

Of course , thats why I am intelligent , they would not give me any visa They give visa to stable nations not dynammic.