I don't have two decent enlarging lenses for 4x5, one 135mm Omegaron that came with the turret of the 4x5 Pro-Lab Omega enlarger I bought many years ago. I have a Nikor 150mm lens too, which is probably technically better, but like so many others ceiling height is limited in my darkroom, so I just continue using the 135. I think the prints are definitely good enough, since I never go more than 4X enlargement anyway, so I haven't even considered replacing the standard enlarger lens.
Sometimes when I print small from medium format I use the 135 in order to get the column up high enough where I can practically do all of the dodging and burning required.

Image quality wise I can't say that I see much difference if any, but I haven't really looked either. I guess my summary boils down to the 135mm Omegaron being good enough, and not giving me any reason to try to improve print quality.