As I remarked in an earlier post in this thread, the Nikon F4 (actually the F4s, to be more specific) was the one offering from Nikon that really left me disappointed - ergonomically unfriendly, etc. was my assessment of the camera. I may now, however, be about to change my mind. Several weeks ago, I picked up, by sheer luck (a quick look-see on KEH's site), the MB-23 battery pack and replaced the MB-21 pack that came factory-installed with the camera. While my impression is still tentative - since I have only been using the camera for few weeks - I find the F4e an entirely different camera to shoot with. It would seem that simply relocating the entire power source to the bottom of the drive (as opposed to the two on side, four on bottom set-up on the F4s) provides the camera with a much improved balance and handling. Certainly the "chunkiness" of the F4 remains...but the handling and feel are much improved. Anyone else out there done the same modification? If so, what are your impressions?