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So I got my Moersch kit in the mail today and the instructions are pretty good but left with me two questions:

1.) The instructions list amounts of Toner and Controller to use with what amount of water. However the three bottles included are one which is labeled Bleach and the other two are both labeled Toner, with all other writing in German. Which one is Toner and which is Controller, one is bigger than the other?

2.) Can you make up a reusable working solution with all of the chemicals? My guess is yes, except maybe now with the bleach.
Hi Mike - the Controller is the alkali - sodium hydroxide/potassium carbonate soln' - the Toner is the Thiourea

Yes, you can. If you go to Moersch Photo Chemie you can find his tutorials under the given chemistry:

I think it's listed for the working soln' I do mine in small amounts. I think the shelf life is at least 6 months but it should be listed on his site.

Have fun. I just ordered another batch myself.

Yes, like Clive said make sure you tone outside. and don't dump the stuff in the sewage..!