Hi all,

Having read a few posts and a couple of bits in books about how to set up an archival print processing system, I thought I'd better verify how close I was getting to the real McCoy.

I contacted Silverprint in the UK to obtain a Kodak Hypo Estimator and some Hypo Test Solution. They went away and talked amongst themselves for a while. Then they came back and informed me that these products were no longer available... ...to them from Kodak.

"Oh dear", I said (or words to that effect).

The questions I would like to pose to the esteemed and knowledgeable persons in this forum (and anyone else that happens to be passing! :-) ) are:

1) Have the products been discontinued by Kodak, or are Silverprint mistaken?
2) How else can I test for residual hypo levels?

Thanks in advance,


...Belt, braces and a piece of string... ...only without the belt and braces.