So I have a perfectly good, working, Compur Electronic #1 shutter with a 90mm Super Angulon on it, perfect timings from 1/500 to 32 seconds (which was great using it recently with Kodalith and Harman Direct Positive rated ei1.5-3)
Or at least, I did have, until this morning I was changing lensboards, the double-screwdriver tool slipped out of my hands and went straight through both the shutter and aperture blades.
I've spent the morning on it, the shutter is back working (well, except for the big hole in one of the blades), but one of the aperture blades is stuck inside the shutter (a shard of blade is probably sticking up getting wedged somewhere).
Worst part is, I can't even undo the screws on the back to get into it (I've tried putting zippo fluid on them to loosen, no good. Haven't got any WD40 but I'll buy some today and try it later).
Even if I do manage to get the thing open, I'll need some new blades from a donor shutter or something (it's got 10 blades so I'd need an identical type donor).

Anyway, I've all but ruled out sending it to SK Grimes, by the time I include postage and repair it'll be cheaper getting a whole new one off the 'bay.
Before I consign it to the "I'll fix it one day when I get time and spares" pile, does anyone know if there is anyone around Aus that may be able to repair it and/or provide parts?