Hey All, Call to catch up... 937- Two 94- Three 1117

Sue and I made it to Cleveland and we hooked up with Lee L and David L and went to dinner at Outback.

Lunch tomorrow: 11:30 at Sokolowski's University Inn
Dinner at the Turkish Grill at 5:30

John and Dolly's idea of going to thVivian Majier exhimit sounds like a warm and good idea. (When you going there John?)

We are greating all who whow up at the Residence Inn at about 8:00 to 8:30 and then onto Windy Park to go out to the abandoned Coast Guard Station.

From there we will work our way East along lake access points and then into the flats for some more shooting and Lunch. At 11:30

More flats shooting and more lake access points heading east until we double back to the church and then the Turkish Grill @ 5:30

Super cold and windy tomorrow. Please be careful and dress right for the cold. Layers are the way to go.

Lee G, Not Lee L but Lee G.
Sue already said Hey Lee when we were both sitting on the couch. ;-)