holy thread revival again Batman

Im not going to take a holiday to Germany then... is there not a Ge tourist board?

It does explain my problems with a French cine team in London they were interviewing people in street but protested volubly that I had not asked permission - they were not shooting, I waited until they finished an interview.

Only one of their team thought it risible that I ignored their protests instead shooting the protest sequence.

Many people think it is obligatory to ask first, and will complain, even when they know they have not been the subject, so it is a formal thing to complain. Some instead ask what are you taking photos of from curiosity.

Visitors from Sweden have complained about the surveillance video cameras, stock answer 'this is 1984 and we also have a state lottery' lots of people are offended by the cameras and lottery. Bit like Ms Merkel and her mobile phone tap.

London is the place for 'cinema verity' style street. I have no connection with the tourist industry.