Nice series of images. Did you use the Holga 120-WPC? It a very nice pinhole camera, I have one myself. I take it always with me on holidays. Light to carry and easy to use with a very small bendable tripod.
I (almost) only use very-old-and-not-properly-stored films for my pinhole photography. I had good results with Fuji NPC, Fuji NPH and Konica 400PRO films. Old Kodak Gold film is often useless, since it turns into a muddy brown. The Fuji films however give beautiful almost pastel colours (blue sky, green grass). I'm an almost only B&W photographer, but with pinhole I seem to use mostly colour film. Maybe because the colours are (nicely) off due to old film and the pinhole lens?? See for instance my entry in the previous MSA:
Bert from Holland

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Sooooo, a panoramic pinhole Holga. That counts, right?
Loaded with Delta 100 (gift from someone no longer shooting film, age unknown) for a test run. I advanced the film improperly, and my cable release didn't hold the shutter fully open, so the first roll is, er, imperfect. Printed the middle of the roll on Ilfospeed MG1M. It seems this paper must be at least 20 years old - another donation from a darkside deserter. Never refrigerated. I had planned to fix it out as a substrate for carbon, but this assignment was a good chance to give it a try. I'm surprised at the lack of fog.

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