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I will be in the "'toon" for a couple of days before heading out to the continent.
You'll have a blast - I now live 7 hours drive from "home" (Newcastle that is), so I rarely make it there, but I can shoot roll after roll whenever I vists.

In the town centre the bridges are the obvious choice. The new millenium bridge is a bit of a harlot, and will give up great shots dead easy (even I got a good one!).

"The" bridge (technically the King George V Bridge but simply refered to as "The Tyne Bridge", despite there been 7 or 8 bridges within a mile or so) is a beast. You won't find a Geordie south of the tyne who doesn't get a lump in his throat thinking of the view down the river to see that bridge. It's huge, it's beautifull, it's fantastic, and it's a bitch to photograph

You can get some good views from the Baltic Centre (by the Millenium Bridge) - great building too, but sucky art. Worth a visit for the building, and make sure you check out the viewer platforms on the top floors.

Does anyone like the Sage centre (the Giant Slug on the South bank)? What an ugly building - but it's in Gateshead so what do you expect - they're practically Maccam's down there... ;-)

Get out to the river mouth/coast too - North Shields, Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay. Great Coastline - lovely beaches, cliffs, bays and such.

I really miss the place (in case you hadn't noticed!). I'll be home a couple of times this summer though - even though it hasn't really been home in 20 years.