How does the saying go? A fox smells it hole first.
These discussions about photographing on the street always make me angry and sick. People can’t differentiate.
I live in Berlin and photograph on the street. The things I have had to put up with. Being threatened with law suites, getting threatened by fists and people demanding money for getting photographed. Even if they walked behind me during me taking the photo.

Loredane Nemis is one although being Rumanian, and photographing around the world, and it isn’t street photography in the classic sence.

Volker Echte, a very good German photographer although nobody knows him, but remember his name.

Harald Hauswald, out of the good old GDR. Kai Wiedenhoefer, but he did most of his world in the near east.
Barbara Klemm is another one.
As well Karsten Thielker.