This "news" is not news. Many, many parks and so on have required permits and a minimum amount of insurance for professional photographers to make use of the space. And have done so for years.
Professional photographers, including movie crews, can be a great big pain in the neck. A lot of film and TV shows have been shot in Southern California and they love to hog the streets, clog the traffic and try to tell people they cannot go on their own property or park in front of their own house.
LAPD cops in uniform complete with badge and gun will hassle citizens and you will find out that the cops are, in fact, moonlighting for the film or TV producers. They act like God decreed that their film be made -- like it is a sacred undertaking.
Still photogs and video shooters without permits will use pubic and national parks to shoot porn and if your kiddies are there -- tough.
Professional photographers act professionally -- they get the proper permits and insurance.
Of course this can present a minor hassle or a non-professional photog who just wants to take some photos with a "professional-looking" camera, whatever that is.
Thomas Jefferson said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. When is the last time you went down to city hall and told them how you feel? Do you belong to a photogs' organization that lobbies and hollers for what they want? Preaching to the choir won't cut it.