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The battery might be worth selling if it is. They're evidently reasonably rare nowdays.
well there's the other irony, I bought this one batteryless (not really knowing what an 'electric' shutter meant at the time). So I'd hooked up my own type of battery which worked for a bit ('Magtrix' magnetic bettery holder with its wires wrapped around the terminals).
Then I found a 270mm Tele-Arton in the same shutter with battery, so bought that and just swapped the battery one to the other.
At least now, because the Tele Arton is 270mm = 90mm x3, the apertures line up so I can swap the elements and just compensate the numbers. I'ts more annoying than swapping lensboards, but at least the 90mm elements are usable until I get this other shutter fixed...