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Try telling this guessometer thing to a judge when you get ticketed for speeding.

You, "Your honor. The officer should be using three units so we can either average the three speeds or use the two of the three speeds that match. It's only fair"

Judge, "$125. See the bailiff and pay the fine."
The cop's radar is certainly not a guessometer, when properly calibrated.
OTOH, your car's speedometer is absolutely a guessometer...the 6mph 'leeway' that cops allow over the posted speedlimit before pulling you over is merely to give you the benefit of the doubt due to poor calibration of the typical car speedometer. My last car was about 1mph optimistic, my current car is 4-5mph optimistic (indicated 73 mph to be actual 68-69mph). as compared to GPS speed...at indicated 65mph I am holding up traffic.