I am sure one of the goals of the big studios is to own the entire chain so they can control it. Forcing theaters to go digital is one way since the capital expenditure is so high. We all know how long digital equipment lasts until there is another generation that has to be bought. Just a thought.

I don't go to the theater much at all anymore. I can't stand the aliasing and all the other digital problems. I would rather see something projected with film. Combine that with the number of people who tweet their brains out right in your line of sight and the price of a ticket... It just isn't worth it. On the upside, in another decade perhaps, the digital image should be pretty spectacular when all of the annoying problems have been worked out.

One of my favorite memories from my life was from back in the early 90's when I lived in Paris. I was dating a girl who loved movies, especially old ones. I must have visited nearly every little theater in the city. Some of them had only a couple dozen seats at most. It was almost like seeing a private viewing in your house. I assume most of them are gone by now. It was a wonderful experience though.