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Just as a matter of interest I have 3 Canon New F1 bodys all manufactured in different years all bought second hand between 20 and 30 years ago, and when I check the cameras light meters against each other with a Kodak Grey Card and a handheld meter of known accuracy they all agree exactly, which quite frankly amazes me, and one of the reasons I'm such a big fan of the New F1.

F1's are such quality cameras I would rather get my F1's serviced than replace them with ones of unknown history from auction sites where the previous owners may have had them apart on their kitchen table, that may prove eventually to have even worse faults than mine, and I know where the ones I own have been for the last 23-30 years.
Yep, You're right.

That being said, I am SO torn between my Nikons and the single Canon I own now (owned a few before, but never an F-1). Nikon, has everything the F-1 has, minus the reliable meter (oops!). Canon... wait for it.
Ok there is one knock against the F-1. That freaking battery chamber spring. The one that holds the negative battery terminal post up against the battery. Every Canon I've ever owned, the spring gives up the ghost and I end up having to put in a stop-gap copper thingie to make the negative terminal contact. That is just so amateur. WTF Canon? You have a great camera in virtually all respects except you drop the ball BADLY in the one bit that really kills the camera. The electronics.