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As I've already written on this thread I have 3 New F1's for more than 25 years and I have never had any problems with the battery contacts on any of them, the only money I have had to spend on them in all that time is one of them recently developed a slow mirror fault, I had it C.L.A'd at my local professional dealers, their camera technician did a great job on it, and I'm as happy as Larry.

P.S. You can't compare the Canon A series cameras with the F series any more than you can compare the Nikon EM with the F2 or F3 because the consumer grade A series were made for a mass market to a price, The F series were made as a professional tool and to a quality. I have owned A series cameras in the past, the last one was an A1 that I had for about 25 years but never liked it,I eventually gave it to my niece last year.
I must be extraordinarily unlucky then. I've had two F-1s with broken springs, an A-1 with a broken spring, and an AE-1 with a broken spring. I've never had a Canon that did not fail in this way.