I'm cleaning out the basement and am getting rid of everything I no longer use!

This Ventura 69 folding camera is in ok condition and needs some TLC. The lens is very nice and takes clear pictures; the focus is spot on. Unfortunately, it's frozen from lack of use (hasn't been touched since 2006 or 2007).

The shutter speeds appear to be working and the aperture adjustment is fine. The bellows don't appear to be leaky and fold/unfold cleanly without any trouble. The body is in good condition overall, although the shutter release button is missing. The front of the camera states "Made in Germany - US Zone".

The good:
  • Overall condition is very good
  • Folds nicely, bellow appear solid
  • Shutter appears to work just fine
  • No apparent damage

The bad:
  • The shutter release button is missing (how did that happen?)
  • The lens is frozen
  • The little leather strap is detached on one end

Make me an offer and we'll work out the shipping. Local pickup in Montreal, Canada can be arranged.